Sketchy Pencil Effect with Three.js Post-Processing [Tutorial]

A tutorial where you’ll learn how to create a pencil effect with a sketchy look using Three.js post-processing. Read more →

Custom Toon Shader in Three.js [Tutorial]

In order to create a stylized, flat-shaded look, you only really need to understand how lighting models work and how to manipulate them. Okay, that does sound complicated, but here I'll break it down into concrete steps with code examples along the way. Read more →

Getting Started with Three.js + TypeScript

When inspiration to create cool 3D scenes strikes, the last thing you want to be doing is figuring out how to set up a proper Three.js project that can be easily developed and deployed. This post will walk you through painlessly using a scaffold project that gets you up and running with zero config and fuss. Read more →

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