⛵ A Multiplayer Game — but in the Browser

A talk about building a multiplayer game for the browser using Three.js, Socket.IO and Node.js

A boat with orange sails inside a blue circle indicating the Armada Battleship logo with the words Armada Battleship next to it in capitals. The background is a procedurally generated water texture


Multiplayer games are the coolest: they bring us closer together, even when we're battling it out. While you can't build World of Warcraft in a weekend, you also don't need a big AAA game studio production team to create a game that is fun and engaging. All you need are existing web technologies already available in the browser! This talk walks you through creating a simple multiplayer game in the browser using Three.js, Socket.IO, and Node.js. You will learn how to structure game code, render an interactive 3D scene in the browser, and establish two-way communication between the client and server.


Game code on GitHub

Live demo

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